Pesto and mozzarella Arancini

The vegetarian version of one of the most yummy italian finger food! The funny thing about the Arancini, even though the classic filling would be rag├╣, is that you can fill them however you want, with vegetables, fish, cheese of every type… better if you put something that frying will melt and become stringy… a delicacy! I often have fun trying different fillings for different occasions.

Time of preparation

20 minutes + standing


about 3 arancini

What did I use

a large pan for frying, towel papers, a baking tray, plastic wrap, a perforated ladle, two dishes, a bowl


Rice for risotto: 135 gr

Salt to taste

Water as required

Flour as required

Pesto alla Genovese: 2 tablespoons

Minced mozzarella as required

Seeds oil for frying

Breadcrumbs to coat the arancini

How did I do

I covered the rice with salted water and boiled until it absorbed the water and is cooked.

I added the pesto to the rice and I mixed well.

I added flattened the rice in the baking tray.

I covered with plastic wrap and let it cool completely.

I formed a dip of rice with the hands and I pu a little of mozzarella in it.

I closeed it with other rice and formed a ball.

I put it in one dish and continued in this way until the rice was finished.

In the bowl, I beat a spoon of flour with water as much as I needed to have a smooth and quite liquid batter.

I added salt and immersed an arancino , covering it completely with the batter. I rolled it in the dish with the breadcrumbs and did the same for the other arancini.

I reheated the seeds oil in the pan and when it was hot, I fried the arancini until brownish.

I took them with the perforated ladle and dried them on the towel papers.

I served warm.

Buon appetito!

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