Amaretto biscuits kisses

Most of my recipes have in common rapidity but this is one of the fastest at all. Few ingredients, few passages, no cooking, perfect result. These sweets are cute and yummy, perfect to serve with coffee to a guest.

Time of cooking

10 minutes

Time of standing

At least half an hour



What did I use

A flat dish, a deep dish, a little glass bowl, a wooden spoon


Amaretto biscuits: 8

Coconut flour: 3 spoons

Coffee: 2 cups

Ricotta: 100 gr

Icing sugar: 2 spoons

How did I do

I mixed ricotta and icing sugar.

I united the biscuits 2 by 2 with the ricotta dough.

I immersed for few seconds the amaretti biscuits kisses in the coffee.

I rolled them in the coconut flour.

I put them in the fridge until I served them, remembering to leave them in the fridge at least for half an hour so that they can cool well and absorb the ricotta and coconut flavours.

Buon appetito!

Amaretto biscuits kisses

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