Yoghurt and cocoa biscuits without eggs and without butter


I thought this recipe for yummy but light biscuits, without butter. A vegan version is also possible by using coconut yoghurt or other vegan alternatives to the normal yoghurt.


about 30 biscuits

Time of cooking

30 minutes + standing

What did I use

A bowl, a baking tray, oven paper, wrap


00 flour: 230 gr

White yoghurt: 130 gr

Sugar: 130 gr

Olive oil: 40 gr

Cocoa (without sugar): 50 gr

Vanillin: a pinch (or few drops of vanilla extract)

Baking powder: 8 gr

How did I do

I mixed flour, cocoa, vanillin and baking powder then I created a hole in the center and poured oil.

I added sugar, white yoghurt and kneaded all together until I had a compact dough.

I let it stand for a while in the fridge.

I reheated the oven at 180°C and covered a baking tray with oven paper.

I took the dough from the fridge, kneaded it and formed little balls to put on the tray, lightly pressed.

I baked in the oven for 10-12 minutes.

After the cooking, I let them cool on a cold tray.

Before serving, I sprinkled with some icing sugar.

The biscuits are ready!

Buon appetito!


Yoghurt and cocoa biscuits without eggs and without butter

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