Crumbly biscuits filled with chocolate (without baking powder)

I prepare very ofthen these biscuits both filled in this way or without filling, to taste with a fruits infusion, or again filled with jam to drink with a tea… one can fill them as one wants, they are good with every type of filling because the dough is a simple pastry very crumbly and without peculiar flavors.

Time of cooking

30 minutes + standing


16/18 biscuits (filled)

What did I do

a baking tray, sheets of oven paper, biscuits moulds, a rolling pin, a whisk, a large bowl, a sac-à-poche or a spoon


00 flour: 250 gr

Eggs: 2

Butter: 130 gr

Sugar: 120 gr

Vanillin: one little bag

Dark chocolate: 100 gr

Heavy cream: 150 gr

How did I do

I turned on the oven at 180°C.

I kneaded roughly with the fingertips flour with butter cut in little pieces and softened.

I added eggs and yolk and vanillin.

When I obtained a ball of dough that was soft and compact, I covered it with wrap and let it stand for 45 minutes in the fridge.

I stretched out the dough on the pastry board tall (about half a centimeter thick ) and I cut the biscuits with the mould.

I cooked on a baking tray with oven paper for about 20 minutes or until they were brown on the surface.

In the meanwhile I melted the chocolate bain-Marie and whipped the cream.

I added the melted chocolate to the whipped cream when the chocolate was lukewarm/cold, obtaining a soft and whipped mousse.

When the biscuits were cold, I united them two by two filling them with the chocolate mousse.

Buon appetito!

Crumbly biscuits filled with chocolate (without baking powder)

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