Bulgarian biscuits

This biscuits which origins are bulgarian are sweet and soft, because they are prepared with honey. Perfect to serve to guests when one is in a hurry to prepare a sweet but he/she wants to be sure of the results: they cook in just 10 minutes. The original recipe is with a spoon of roses water, that I didn’t put for the difficulty to find it in the supermarkets near my home.

Time of cooking

20 minutes



What did I use

2 baking trays, a wooden spoon, a glass bowl medium size, a silicon brush


00 Flour: 80 + 50 gr

Yolk: 1

Baking powder: 8 gr

Butter: 65 gr

Acacia honey: 2 spoons

Sugar: 3 spoons

Sunflower oil: 1 spoon

How did I do

I preheated the oven at 180°C, possibly in the circular modality, so that one could insert both the baking trays together and one can cook all the biscuits at the same time.

I melted the butter in the microwave or in a little pot at low fire.

I mixed it together with honey, sugar and yolk.

I added the baking powder and 80 gr of flour, possibly passed through the little colander, and mixed them well until I had a smooth dough.

I put the other 50 gr of flour in a flat plate and rolled in it little balls of dough.

I oiled the baking trays with the silicon brush.

I put the biscuits far one from each other to avoid that they ‘d unite during the cooking and I put some more sugar on them.

I cooked for 10 minutes.

I waiedt them to cool before to serve them.

Buon appetito!

Bulgarian biscuits

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