Buckwheat and type 0 flour bread

A savory and compact bread, with a fast preparation and growing, that I use for a last-minute side dish / base for my recipes.

Time of preparation

about 4 hours


2 loaves


Buckwheat flour: 500 gr

O white flour: 500 gr

Bran flour: 100 gr

Water: 1 liter

Fresh beer yeast: 12/ 13 gr

Milk: 1 glass

Sugar: 1 teaspoon

What did I use

a little bowl, a teaspoon, a large bowl, a baking tray, sheets of oven paper, a rag

How did I do

I melted the yeast together with the sugar in the lukewarm milk.

In the large bowl, I mixed the buckwheat flour with the hot water and I let it become lukewarm. I added the 0 flour, the mixture of sugar, milk and yeast and the bran flour.

I kneaded in the bowl until I obtained a compact and very soft dough. I let it grow covered with a wet rag for few hours.

I divided the dough in two parts. I baked it at the highest temperature for 10 minutes, then I lowered the heat at 180°C and I continued baking for about half an hour.

I let it cool and served!

Buon appetito!

Buckwheat and type 0 flour bread

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