Bread pudding

Here you have my version of an english classical recipe, to prepare fastly and ,as always, with simple and cheap ingredients. It is also a good no waste recipe for remaining old bread.

Time of preparation

5/10 + 30 minutes


2 puddings

What did I use

A bowl, a whisk, a cup, silicon stamps, a butter knife, a baking tray


Slices of old or fresh bread: 2

Egg: 1

Milk: half a cup

Vanilla sugar: 1 spoon

Cherries, without seeds and cut in half: a dozen

Minced cinnamon as required

How did I do

I cut each slice of bread in 4 squares and buttered them.

I reheated the milk in the microwave or in a little pot and beat it with the whisk together with egg and sugar.

I put a square of bread in every stamp, added some cinnamon, few fruits and continued like that until I finished all the ingredients.

I poured the mix of milk and eggs in the baking tray and cooked the bread pudding for 30 minutes.

I served lukewarm with cinnamon and vanilla sugar.

Buon appetito!

Bread pudding

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