This is one of the favorite recipes of everybody in my town: these little and tasty bread gnocchi are simple to prepare and very energetic. Ground amaretto cookies are added to the mixture to give them a very peculiar taste. The traditional recipe uses few, simple ingredients: breadcrumbs, broth, melted butter, Grana Padano, eggs, spices and herbs.



What did I use

a ladle, a nonstick pan, a wooden spoon, a pot, a large bowl


bradcrumbs: 400 gr

melted butter: 200 gr (150 for the dough, 50 for the dressing)

broth (the original recipe uses meat broth, but I usually use the vegetables one to make the recipe vegetarian): 1/2 liter

5/6 amaretto biscuits

1 slice of garlic, pressed with a fork

sage leaves: few

nutmeg to taste

ground Grana Padano: 200 gr

2 eggs

How did I do

In the nonstick pan, I toasted the breadcrumbs in the hot butter. I added a ladle of broth and I mixed wih the wooden spoon. I let the dough cool down and I added then the minced amaretto biscuits, the nutmeg, the garlic and the cheese.

I added the egges and I kneaded well.

I took a little quantity of dough in my hands and I made a tapered shape with the borders slightly pressed.

I immersed 30-40 Capunsei in the hot broth. After 20-30 seconds they are cooked.

I took them from the pot with the colander and I served in the plate.

I dressed with the remaining melted butter cooked in the little pot for few minutes with the sage leaves and some more ground cheese.

Buon appetito!


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