Italian Cookies with and without chocolate drops

This is a real patisserie recipe, learned in one of the cuisine course I did, unique and studied in every single detail to have an high quality product. Patisserie is totally different from traditional homemade cuisine: we’re talking about very precise quantities even on large quantities of dough, in which a gram more or less makes the difference.

Time of cooking

30 minutes


about 40 biscuits

What did I use

baking trays, sheets of oven paper, a medium-sidez glass bowl, a wooden spoon


Butter or margarine (soften): 150 gr

Icing sugar: 80 gr

Egg: 60 gr (1) [yes, in patisserie you measure eggs with weight!]

00 flour: 225 gr

Chocolate drops: 2 spoons

Baking powder for sweets: 4/5 gr

Vanillin: 1 little bag

Salt: a pinch

How did I do

I mixed well butter with sugar.

I added egg, salt, vanillin, baking powder and flour. I kneaded well, until I had a soft but airy dough.

I divided the dough in two parts: to one of it I added chocolate drops and mixed well.

I put on the baking trays with oven paper little balls of dough without pressing them.

For a better result but taking a little more time, it is better to use a sac-à-poche to make the biscuits.

I baked in the oven until they brown on the surface (it took about 10 minutes).

I served when they were completely cold.

Buon appetito!

Italian Cookies with and without chocolate drops

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