Coppette di uova e peperoni – Peppers and eggs bowls

Versione italiana in fase di preparazione…

Healthy under 300 calories bowls with very few ingredients and cooked in the microwave. So cute, aren’t they? And they are also a complete meal having bread, eggs and vegetables. Try them!

Time of preparation

15 minutes

What do you need

ceramic bowls, a spoon


few spoons of roasted red pepper sauce (or you can prepare a red pepper cut in little cubes and cook in in a pan with it lids with some tomato sauce, olive oil and spices as you like them until soft;)

1 egg

1 slice of bread

garlic clove


Put the sauce in the bowls.

Rub the garlic glove on the brad and put the slice of bread on the sauce.

Break an egg on it and cook in the microwave for few minutes at 700W.

Buon appetito!

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