Salted crepes without milk

I had some difficulties to tolerate milk derived products for a some time, so I have tried a lot of recipes for people intolerant to lactose. Here there’s a basic recipe perfect also for who simply wants a lighter alternative to the classical crepes.

Time of cooking

10 minutes



What did I do

A whisk, a bowl, a non-stick pot, a ladle, a spatula


Egg 1

Water 60 gr

Flour 60 gr

Salt as required

Olive oil as required

Mix of minced herbs as required

How did I do

I beat with the whisk the eggs together with water, flour, herbs and salt in the bowl.

I reheated a spoon of oil in the pot and poured one ladle of dough. I cooked on both sides for few minutes. I repeated with the remaining dough.

I served warm. They can be filled as one likes.

Buon appetito!

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