Mini tarts with peanut butter pasta frolla

These mini tarts are prepared with peanut butter in the dough instead of the normal butter. They are really peculiar and fast to prepare. A good alternative to mini tarts with normal pasta frolla for who wants something more fenciful!

Time of cooking

30 minutes


5 mini tarts

What did I use

a bowl, a rolling pin, a baking tray or grilled, a sheet of baking paper, a butter knife, a fork, silicon moulds for mini tarts


Peanut butter: 70 gr

Egg:1, big

Sugar: 40 gr

Flour: 150 gr

Bakind powder: half a teaspoon

a pinch of salt

vanilla extract

Jam (I used strawberry jam) as required

How did I do

I kneaded all the ingredients but the jam together in the bowl with hands. I had a compact dough because peanut butter, if not melted, is less soft than normal butter at room temperature , that is usually used in the normal pasta frolla. But while cooking it will melt and soften the dough.

I stretched out the dough with the rolling pin on the sheet of baking paper. I formed 5 circles and I put them in the silicon moulds. With the remaining pasta frolla I prepared few stripes to put then on the marmelade.

I made few holes with the fork and spreaded on every mini tart a teaspoon of jam.

I put the stripes of pasta frolla on it and pressed with the fork or hands to unite it to the boards.

I baked in the oven for about 15 minutes at 180 °C or until brownish.

I let them cool completely before to serve.

Buon appetito!

Mini tarts with peanut butter pasta frolla

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