A japanese classic snack, super soft and yummy and not so difficult to prepare if one is careful to the details. You should fill them with the Anko, but they’re good with a lot of different fillings, such as strawberry jam or Nutella. Let’s begin!

Time of cooking

about 30 minutes


About 12 dorayaki

What did I use

a large bowl, a whisk, a non-stick pan, paper towels, a ladle


4 eggs

140 g sugar

2 Tbsp honey

160 g all-purpose flour

1 tsp baking powder

2 Tbsp water

1 tsp seeds oil

How did I do

In the bowl I whisked eggs, sugar, and honey until fluffy. I added flour and baking powder and mixed . I kept in the fridge for at least 15 minutes.

I added one spoon of water and mixed well.

I heated the non-stick pan over medium-low heat. I dipped the paper towel in oil and coated the bottom of the pan. Then I removed the oil completely with a clean paper towel.

With the ladle I poured some batter above the pan to create pancakes.When the surface of the batter started to bubble, I flipped over and cooked the other side (it takes about 1 minute and a half to cook one side and 20 seconds on the other side). I transfered to a plate and continued making pancakes.

I made sandwich with Anko. I put more of the filling in the center so the shape of dorayaki was slightly curved.



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