Eggs in a hole (with mustard onion)

A classic that wants to be a little more complete and different. I prepared a sweet and sour super easy dish of white onions and mustard to eat together with my eggs and bread. Complete breakfast/lunch, few ingredients, a little fanciful satisfaction.

Time of preparation

about 20 minutes



What did I use

a large non-stick pan, a glass, a knife, a cutting board, a perforated spatula


2 eggs

2 slices of Tramezzino bread

a tablespoon of oil

salt/pepper to taste

a teaspoon of Dijon mustard

1 and a half white onions

a tablespoon of brown sugar

a mix of spices for the final touch ( such as black pepper, salt, chili pepper, garlic…)

How did I do

I cut the onions in thin slices after peeling them and cutting off the extremities.

I added a little oil and when it was hot the onion and I cooked them for a pair of minutes. I added the mustard and the sugar, lowering the fire. I cooked for few minutes more. I wanted them crunchy but creamy on the outside because of the melted mustard!

I used a round biscuit mould to cut the holes in the center of my slices of bread.

I heat the oil in the other pan at low fire, I put the slices of bread in it, after a few dozens of seconds I turned it upside down and broke the eggs in the holes and I cooked until the bottom of the eggs was cooked.

I served my eggs in a hole with the mustard onion, sprinkling with the spices on the top.

Buon appetito!

Eggs in a hole (with mustard onion)

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