Fennel, fava beans and potatoes pureed soup

A creamy vegan pureed soup, with a fresh taste and the crunchy toasted cashews to make a perfect combo of compactnesses.

Time of preparation

About 40 minutes

What did I use

A large pot, a little non-stick pan, a ladle, a blender


One large fennel

3 medium sized potatoes

One can of fava beans, dried

4 medium sized shallots

A pair of teaspoons of ground cumin

A tablespoon of ground curcuma

Salt/pepper to taste

What did I do

I peeled the potatoes and cut them in little cubes. I cleaned and chopped the extremities of the shallots and the fennel and I cut them in pieces. I cooked them in salted boiling water, enough to cover them, and after about 20 minutes I added the fava beans, the curcuma and the cumin. I cooked for about 10 minutes more, until all the vegetables were soft.

I used the blender to mince them finely and I added some coconut milk, to have my pureed soup creamy and sweet. I mixed and served in the dishes.

I toasted the cashews in the hot non-stick pan and I served them on the soup together with some cumin.

Buon appetito!

Fennel, fava beans and potatoes pureed soup

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