Focaccia Locatelli

Super fast dough for a soft and tasty focaccia without milk and without lard.

Time of preparation

About 30 minutes plus cooking and growing


500 gr of 00

500 for of 0 flour

600 ml of lukewarm water

30 gr of brewer’s yeast

4 spoons of olive oil

15 gr of salt

What did I use

A baking tray, a pastry board, a large glass bowl, a wooden spoon, a sheet of oven paper

How did I do

I mixed all together flour, salt, water, yeast and oil fastly with the spoon.

I oiled the dough a little, covered with a rag, and let it grow for 10 minutes.

I put the dough in the baking tray covered with the sheet of oven paper and oiled a little, cover again with the rag and let it grow other 10 minutes.

I stretched out the dough with the hands and let it grow other 20 minutes.

With the fingertips, I pressed the dough, oiled a little more , put some salt on the surface and let it grow the last 20 minutes.

I cooked in the oven at 180°C for about 25/30 minutes.

I serve it either lukewarm or cold. One can eat it alone or filled with cheeses, vegetables, salami ecc.

Buon appetito!

Focaccia Locatelli

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