Fried rice paper snacks

Sometimes a simple idea can surprise guests and satisfy who prepares food, like in this case. 2 ingredients and a dozen of minutes of work are enough to create a vietnamese funny starter or snack.

Time of preparation

15 minutes



What did I use

a frying pan, a perforated spatula, scissors, paper towels, a large bowl


Sheets of rice paper: 6

Seeds oil as required

How did I do

I cut the sheets of rice paper in four parts.

I reheated the oil and when it was hot, I fried every piece of rice paper until it popped (it’s a matter of 1 second!) and I took it immediately out with the spatula to put it in the bowl with paper towels.

I continued this way until I finished the rice paper, waited a little bit to cool down and served as a starter or a side dish.

These snacks lasted 2 days continuing being crunchy!

Buon appetito!

Fried rice paper snacks

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