Peach and banana smoothie

The smoothie are the perfect snack for summer. Refreshing, healthy and nutritious! I like to create different flavors and the perfect compactnesses. This smoothie is creamy, dense and sweet. No added sugar, it is not needed.

Time of preparation

5 minutes



What did I use

a blender


1 ripe banana

1 ripe peach

half lime

1 glass of milk

How did I do

I peeled the banana, I chopped it and I put it in the blender.

I washed the peel of the peach, I took off the seed, I cut it cubes and I put it in the blender.

I squeezed the lime and I put it in the blender as well! I poured in the milk and I obtained a creamy and smooth mixture.

I served immediately.

Buon appetito!

Peach and banana smoothie

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