Oven baked juicy burgers

I’m a big fan of the oven baking, because it gives one the possibility to use less fat and to mantain better the taste of what one is cooking. I tried to prepare juicy burgers without the use of eggs or bread in the dough, with melted lactose-free cheese on them, to put in sandwiches or to eat alone, accompanied with vegetables or sauces.

Time of cooking

30 minutes



What did I use

a large bowl, a baking tray, a blender, a knife, a potato peeler, a sheet of baking paper


Ground beef: 500 gr

Slices of lactose-free cheese: 3

Carrots: 4

Ketchup: 1 spoon

Sweet mustard: 1 spoon

Salt and pepper as required

Fresh piccadilly tomatoes to taste

Some slices of grilled aubergines


A slice of fresh bread

How did I do

I peeled, washed and cut in pieces the carrots. I put them in the blender.

I mixed with hands in the bowl the ground beef with ketchup, mustard, minced carrots, salt and pepper.

I formed the burgers with hands and put them on the baking tray with oven paper.

I cooked for about 15 minutes. (Remembering to turn them at half the cooking!)

I broke up the cheese with hands and put some on each burger. I cooked for few minutes more and served hot, accompanied with grilled, fresh and marinated vegetables and one slice of fresh bread.

Buon appetito!

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