Light dough for pizza

Pizza under 500 calories, without added fat and it keeps away all the calories of oil/milk/butter and so on. If one decides to fill it with light ingredients it ends up being nothing more than other complete course. It is super soft and fluffly.

Time of preparation

about 30 minutes + standing + cooking


1 pizza

What did I use

a baking tray, baking paper, a large bowl, a rag, a pastry board


166 gr of flour

100 gr of water

5 gr of honey

3 gr of salt

2-3 gr of dry yeast

How did I do

I put the flour in the bowl, while I was mixing I added the water little by little, the yeast, the honey and finally salt, I kneaded first in the bowl, then on the pastry board for about 10 minutes.

I formed then a ball, I put it again in the bowl, I covered with a clean rag and I let grow for a pair of hours, until it doubled the volume. When the dough was grown, I stretched it with the hands in the baking tray and I filled it: I put on third of it some Pesto genovese and potatoes cleaned, peeled and cut in very thin slices and fried in a little oil and with some fleaks of Grana Padano, a third with tomato sauce, anchovies and oregano and a third with cream, tuna and grilled zucchini.

I baked at 180°C for about twenty/thirty minutes. I did half cooking with a sheet of aluminium, then I finished it in the lower part of the oven. (The cooking always depends on the oven and on the modality used.)

I served warm.

Buon appetito!

Light dough for pizza

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