Greek salad with oregano tzatziki

I made this classic greek recipe a little more italian by sobstituting the mint with the oregano, using the Tropea onion and adding few greek olives for a more italian taste maintaining the freshness of the original recipe. A recipe that is perfect for a hot summer.

Time of preparation

10 minutes



What did I use

a cutting board, a large bowl, a pair of spoons to mix, a knife, a little bowl


Green salad

Feta, cut in cubes

Black olives

Green olives

Tropea onions: 1/4

Extra virgin olive oil: 1 tablespoon + 1 teaspoon

Salt/pepper to taste

Greek white yoghurt: 1 tablespoon

Fresh oregano: a dozen of leaves, plus some to decorate

Lemon, juice: half a tablespoon

Cucumber: half

A dozen of cherry tomatoes

How did I do

I peeled the cucumber, I cut off its extremities, I cut it in half. I cut one of it in half and I took off the seeds, then I cut it in little cubes. I cut the other half in very thin slices and I put it in the bowl.

I cut the cherry tomatoes in half and the Tropea onion in very thin slices, I put the vegetables in the bowl together with the salad, the olives and the feta cheese. I dressed with oil, salt and pepper and mixed well.

In the little bowl, I mixed the yoghurt with the lemon, the salt, the oil and the oregano cut roughly. I added also the little cubes of cucumber.

I served my salad together with the sauce and decorated with the remaining fresh oregano.

Buon appetito!

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