Pesto pasta salad with potatoes, mozzarella and green beans

I’ve never been a big fan of the pasta salads, because it seemed to me to be not enough flavoured and that tends to insipid and (as I call it) to the “taste boredom”, but this is one of the two versions (both with Pesto alla Genovese) which literally make me mad, suggested by a friend, ex – chef. Perfect to enjoy in hot summer days!

Time of cooking

30 minutes + standing



What did I use

a large pot, ceramic or glass bowls, a spoon, a colander, a cutting board


Green beans: about 200 gr

Mozzarella Fior di Latte: 3

Potatoes: 3 little or 2 medium-sized

Pesto alla Genovese: 4 spoons

Pasta (short and possibly whole): 280 gr

How did I do

I boiled salted water in the pot.

I peeled and cut in little cubes the potatoes and in little pieces the green beans.

I boiled for about 10 minutes potatoes and green beans then I added the pasta and cooked it for the indicated time of cooking.

I dried it and let it cool.

I cut the Mozzarella in little cubes and dressed the pasta, potatoes and green beans with it together with the Pesto.

To obtain a good result I usually prepare it few hours before eating it and let it stand in the fridge wrapped few dozens of minutes before the meal.

P.s: one can use both the pasta and the Pesto gluten-free if one needs a celiac disease-friendly version.

Buon appetito!

Pesto pasta salad with potatoes, mozzarella and green beans

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