Quinoa and chickpeas salad

This vegan salad is simple, fast and healthy. I usually prepare it few hours before eating it so that I can appreciate more its tasty and fresh flavors.

Time of preparation

about 30 minutes



What did I use

a non-stick pan, spoons, a wooden spoon, a cutting board, a glass bowl


Quinoa: 70 gr

Tomato, washed and cut in little cubes: half

Chickpeas in can, washed and dried: about 100 gr

Carrot, peeled and cut in julienne: half

Salt/pepper/ minced basil to taste

Ground peel of 1/4 lemon

Onion, peeled and cut in thin slices: 1/4

How did I do

I browned the onion in the hot oil for few minutes at slow fire.

I added the quinoa, I covered with some water and cooked for about 15 minutes, covered with a lit, controlling that it didn’t dry too much and adding hot water when necessary.

In the bowl I mixed the carrots, the beans, the tomatoes, the lemon’s peel, the basil and the oil.

I added also the onion with the quinoa and I mixed well. I let it cool down and I put in the fridge until I served.

Buon appetito!

Quinoa and chickpeas salad

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