Tuna Onigiri

My favourite japanese recipe at all! I remember when I was a kid and I used to watch japanese cartoons, in which the characters were eating these rice balls that seemed so cute and yummy. When finally I tasted them at a japanese restaurant in my city, I literally fell in love! So I tried to make them at home and I fount out that they’re are really easy to prepare as well!


1 hour


6 onigiri


300 g sushi rice

380 ml water

40 ml apples vinegar

20 g white sugar

4 g salt

80 g tuna (in the can)

40 g soy sprouts

soy sauce

Nori algae

What did I use

a colander, two glass bowls, a wooden spoon, a pot with its lid, a rag, a fork, a little pot, wrap, kitchen scissors

How did I do

I put the rice in the colander and I immersed it in a bowl with cold water.

I moved the rice with hands until the water became white then I threw the water away and I repeated with new clean water. I repeated until the water was completely clean when I was moving the rice.

I put the rice in cold water and I let it stand in the fridge for an half an hour.

I dried the rice, I put it in the pot covered with clean water and I cover with a lid. I turned on the fire at high fire and when the water started to boil, I lowered the fire to the minimum and cooked for 10 minutes without opening the lid.

I turned off the fire and let it stand for 5 minutes with the lid on.

In the meanwhile in the other pot, I melted vinegar, sugar and salt at low fire. I put the rice in the bowl and I poured on it this sauce. I mixed slowly with the wooden spoon and with the other hand I cooled the rice with the plastic plate.

When the rice became lukewarm, I covered it with the wet rag.

I dried the tuna and mashed it with the fork.

I cooked the soy sprouts with a little olive oil for few minutes and I added some soy sauce. I mixed them with tuna.

I prepared the onigiri: I cut a large square of wrap, stretched out 2 or 3 spoons of sushi rice at the center and press <edmit to form a circle.

I added the tuna filling in the center then I closed it , helping myself with the wrap, to form a ball of rice. I closed well and used the wrap to compact the ball then I pressed it until I formed a triangle.

I let it stand in the fridge for 15 minutes.

I cut a stripe of nori algae and put it around half of the onigiri (on the bottom).

I served the tuna onigiri with some soy sauce to immerse it in.

Buon appetito! Or maybe it’s better to say… Ittadakimasu!

Tuna Onigiri

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