Orecchiette with saffron, zucchini and tuna

I ‘ve visited Polignano a Mare, in Puglia, lately, and there I bought some artigianal orecchiette in a little shop. I prapared them in this not-so-traditional way that anyway was very delicate and tasty.

Time of preparation

about 30 minutes



What did I use

a cutting board, a spoon, a little bowl, a knife, a non-stick pan, a medium-size pot, a colander, a wooden spoon


Orecchiette: 250 gr

Onion: half

Tuna, natural: 1 little can

Zucchini: 1

Saffron: 1 little bag

Pepper to taste

Cream: few spoons

How did I do

I made a sautèed with the onion peeled and minced. When it was brownish, I added the trimmed and washed zucchini cut in little cubes.

I boiled the orecchiette al dente in boiling salted water and I dried them keeping a pair of spoons of their water to melt the saffron, I added to the zucchini the cream and the water with the saffron and I put the orecchiette in the pan.

I cooked at medium high fire for a pair of minutes and I added the pepper and the tuna also.

I served hot.

Buon appetito!

Orecchiette with saffron, zucchini and tuna

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