Oven baked fennels with almonds and ground bread

An easy and different way to serve fennel as a side dish: a compromise between cooked and soft and crunchy and fresh. Just few ingredients for a very fast and tasty side dish.

Time of preparation

30 minutes




Fennel: 1,big

Almonds fleakes: three tablespoons

Ground bread: three tablespoons

Olive oil as required

Salt and pepper to taste

What did I use

a baking tray, a bowl, a cutting board,a knife

How did I do

I washed the fennel, I cut off the extremities and I cut it in thin slices. I put it in the bowl with a little water and I cooked it in the microwave for 4 minutes.

I put a little oil in the bottom of the baking tray, then the dried fennel that I dressed with salt and pepper, the almonds and the ground bread. I dressed then with a little olive oil on the top.

I baked at high heat for 10 minutes and I served lukewarm.

Buon appetito!

Oven baked fennels with almonds and ground bread

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