Oven baked celeriac chips

A low calories alternative (and also lighter) to the classic fries. Crunchy outside and soft inside, these vegan celeriac chips are perfect as side dish, snack or aperitif to serve with one’s favourite sauce.

Time of preparation

about 5 minutes



What did I use

a cutting board, a knife, a little pot, a bowl, a spoon, a baking tray, paper towels


1/4 celeriac

Olive oil as required

Salt to taste

Curry to taste

How did I do

I cut the peel of the celeriac and I cut it in thick chips.

I let them boil in salted water in the pot for about 5 minutes.

I dried them and I mix them in the bowl with the oil, salt and curry.

I put them on the baking tray, distant one to each other.

I baked at 200 °C for about 25 minutes.

I dried them on the paper towels and served hot with some sauce.

Buon appetito!

Oven baked celeriac chips

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