Vegan piadapizza


When I don’t have time to prepare pizza, I use this plan B: piadapizza! Piadina is a typical italian flatbread that in Italy you also find at the supermarket already prepared, but of course I prepare it myself (also because in northern Norway there’s no chance you can find it). One can top it with whatever one wants, as it happens with pizza. 

Time of preparation

30 minutes



What did I use 

a large bowl, a kneading board, a rolling pin, a baking tray, baking paper


For the piadina:

Flour (white): 100 gr

Lukewarm water: 50 gr

Extra virgin olive oil: 12/12 gr

Salt to taste

Baking powder/soda: a pinch (non mandatory)

For the sauce:

cherry peeled tomatoes sauce: 2 full spoons

Oregano as required

Extra virgin olive oil: 1 spoon + as required

salt/pepper to taste

For the topping:

vegan mozzarella: to taste

some ham, pepper, onion and oil on top

How did I do

I reheated the oven at 180 °C.

In the bowl I roughly kneaded flour, salt, oil, baking powder and water. I poured the dough on the kneading board sprinkled with flour and I kneaded for few minutes with my hands. I let it rest while I prepared the sauce.

In the small bowl I mixed the tomato sauce with oil, salt, pepper and oregano.

I stretched the dough with the rolling pin and I poured the sauce all over. I sprinkled my vegan mozzarella on top and I cooked for 8/10 minutes, until brownish on the border.

I served warm!

Buon appetito!


Vegan piadapizza

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