Gluten free pizzoccheri alla valtellinese

Pizzoccheri are a classic recipe of our wonderful italian cuisine, from the North precisely, it’s time to discover and taste a dish that also people intolerant to gluten can allow themselves without being worry !

Time of cooking

30 minutes



What did I use

A pastry board, a rolling pin or a machine for pasta, a knife, a pot, a little pan, a bowl


500 gr of buckwheat flour

200 gr of butter

250 gr fontina or asiago cheese

150 gr parmesan

200 gr savoy cabbage or swish chard

250 gr potatoes

1 slice of garlic

How did I do

I kneaded the flour with 350 ml of water, then I formed a ball with the dough and let it stand covered for half an hour.

In the meanwhile, I put the pot full of water on fire, I peeled and washed the potatoes then I cut them in pieces, leaving them in some water to avoid them to become black.

I cut the cheese in little cubes.

I stretched out the dough with the rolling pin and I cut it in stripes 5 mm large and 6/7 long.

I cooked the pizzoccheri and the potatoes together with the cabbage cut in little stripes for about 15 minutes.

While they were cooking, I melted the butter with garlic at low fire, being careful not to burn the garlic.

I dried the pizzoccheri, the potatoes and the cabbage and I put all of them in a large bowl alternating pizzoccheri, cheeses, vegetables and potatoes, doing more than one layer.

I finally added the garlic butter and served warm.

Buon appetito!

Gluten free pizzoccheri alla valtellinese

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