Bread and coconut balls on hazelnut cream

I like to put myself to the test with few ingredients to find a way to use the left-overs. In this case it was old bread, and it was breakfast time, so I opened the compartment of the sideboard where there are the sweet ingredients for cakes. I had this idea, I tried and I really liked the result.

Time of cooking

15 minutes


2 people

What did I use

a middle size bowl, a baking tray, a sheet of oven paper, a little non-stick pot, a non-stick spoon


Old bread: 6 slices

Coconut milk: half a glass

Sugar: 1 spoon


Coconut flour: 2 spoons

Hazelnut cream/ Nutella: 4 spoons

How did I do

I softened the bread in the milk and pressed it well with hands.

I added the egg beated with sugar and coconut flour.

I formed little balls and put them on the baking tray covered with the oven paper.

I baked at high temperature, in the grill modality, for about 10 minutes or untill they were well browned on the surface.

I served on the hazelnut cream melted at low fire in the non-stick pot.

Buon appetito!

Bread and coconut balls on hazelnut cream

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