Turkey meatballs (gluten free)

Who doesn’t love meatballs? This light recipe is great both for gluten intolerant people and for whom just wants to try to change the taste of a classic dish.

Time of cooking

30 minutes


About 25 meatballs

What did I use

A large bowl,a smaller bowl, one food processor,  one nonstick pot,a wooden spoon


Turkey’s chest : 600 gr

Gluten free bread: 3 slices

Milk: half a glass

Rice flour as required

Olive oil as required

White wine

How did I do

I put the bread to dunk in the milk for some minutes, while I was grinding the Turkey’s chest, then I mixed all together with salt, pepper and rice flour until the right compactness.

I formed the meatballs and rolled them in the rice flour.

I reheated the olive oil in the nonstick pot , cooked the meatballs 2 minutes per side then I poured the wine and I ultimated the cooking with a lid for about 10 minutes.

I served hot.

Buon appetito!

Turkey meatballs (gluten free)

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