Tomatoes filled with shrimps

At the beginning I was thinking about a salad with the ingredients you see in this recipe, but then I realized that I could do something a little more creative. Here the result! A second course fresh and delicate, nutrituous and tasty.

Time of preparation

15 minutes



What did I use

a little pot, a cutting board, a spoon, a knife, a little bowl, a potato peeler


Shrimps, already cooked: a cup

tomatoes: 2

Mayonnaise or mustard: 1 spoon

Ketchup: 1 spoon

Salad as required

Minced parsley: a spoon + as required

How did I do

I washed and cut the upper part of the tomatoes and with the spoon I took off the internal part. I salted them and I let them stand upside down to dry on the cutting board.

In the bowl, I mixed mayonnaise with ketchup and parsley.

I dried the shrimps and mixed them with the sauce.

I filled the tomatoes with this mixture and I let them stand in the fridge for at least half an hour.

I served with salad and sprinkled with a little parsley.

Buon appetito!

Tomatoes filled with shrimps

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