Fried aubergineballs

I like to serve this dish as a starter because it is yummy and nice to see and also because it doesn’t fill too much and so it doesn’t risk to “ruin the meal”. With these super soft aubergineballs, which taste is simple and delicate, I was able to let people that usually don’t appreciate so much aubergines eat them and it was a great satisfaction!



Time of preparation

30 minutes

What did I use

A cutting board, a pan, a large pot, a knife, a wooden spoon, a perforated ladle, a glass bowl, a flat plate, few sheets of paper towel


Aubergines: 2

Eggs: 2

Minced Parmesan: 3 spoons

Minced bread: few spoons

Salt, both thin and big as required

Pepper as required

Seeds oil as required

Minced parsley: a pair of spoons

How did I do

I boiled a lot of salted water in the pot.

In the meanwhile, I cut off the upper part of the aubergines and cut them in slices and then in little cubes.

I boiled them for about 10 minutes and dried them.

I mashed them with the fork.

I beated eggs and thin salt, pepper, some of the parsley and the Parmesan.

I added the mashed aubergines and some of the minced bread.

The consistence was quite soft: I didn’t put too much bread not to let them lose the softness, their peculiarity!

I reheated the oil and in the meanwhile I formed with hands some balls and rolled them in the remaining minced bread that I previously put in the flat plate.

I fried the aubergineballs in the warm oil, I flipped them over at half a cooking and I dried them on the paper towels when they were brown on the surface. I served hot, putting on them the remaining parsley.

Buon appetito!


  • Rispondi Ottobre 27, 2015


    Dovrò sperimentarle il prima possibile! Grazie per l’idea! 🙂

    • Rispondi Gennaio 24, 2019


      Fammi sapere come va!

  • Rispondi Ottobre 27, 2015


    Uhmmmm, sembrano appetitose !! Complimenti !!

    • Rispondi Gennaio 24, 2019


      Sono molto gustose!

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