Porridge in a cup with banana and peanut butter

Lately I’ve been experimenting a hundred of ways to use the microwave to prepare complete meals and not just to reheat or defreeze food. Here is a complete microwave-made breakfast, nutritious, tasty and easy to prepare. Lactose and gluten free as well!

Time of preparation

5 minutes



What did I use

a teaspoon, a large bowl, a knife


25 gr of oat fleaks

120 gr of oat milk

25 gr of peanut butter

ground cinnamon to taste

25 gr of honey

1 banana

How did I do

I mixed the oat fleaks with the oat milk in the cup and I cooked at 700W for 90 seconds.

I mixed again, I added the peanut butter, the cinnamon, the honey and 3/4 of the banana cut in little pieces. I mixed another time and I cooked again at 700W for 90 seconds more.

I mixed well and controlled the cooking of the oat fleaks. At this point, if it isn’t well cooked, I usually put it in the microwave for few dozens of seconds more. Or, one can cook everything in a little pot until it becomes dense.

I let it cool and when it was lukewarm I decorated with the remaining banana and poppy seeds.

Buon appetito!

Porridge in a cup with banana and peanut butter

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