Rice/soy spaghetti with curry & coconut milk aubergine sauce

A vegan tasty and light first dish perfect also for gluten-free needs. I used only the central part of the aubergine because it is the softest part. Once can use both soy or rice spaghetti, depending on what one has at home or what one likes the most.

Time of preparation

about 30 minutes



What did I use

a non-stick pan, a wooden spoon, spaghetti tongs, a cutting board, a knife, a pot, a colander, a dish


100 gr of soy/rice spaghetti

about half an aubergine

a glass of coconut milk

half an onion (white)

minced parsley to taste

sunflower oil as required

curry powder to taste

1 slice of garlic

ginger powder to taste

salt to taste

How did I do

I peeled the garlic and cut it in half. I cut the aubergine in little cubes. I reheated a spoon of oil in the pan and cooked the aubergines for about 5 minutes, mixing often with the wooden spoon, at medium heat.

I put them in the dish and in the same pan I added the onion, cut in very thin slices, the garlic and the ginger. I cooked for few minutes.

I added again the aubergines in the pan and covered with half of the coconut milk. I added the curry powder and the parsley and mixed well.

I cooked for about 10 minutes, covered for the first 5 minutes and then without lid for the last 5. When necessary, I added some water.

I boiled the spaghetti in plenty of salted water in the pot for few minutes. I dried them.

I added some oil in the sauce, highered the fire, let it warm, added the spaghetti and mixed well them with the sauce. I added the other half of the milk, I let it evaporate while mixing fastly with the spaghetti tongs and I served hot with some fresh parsley.

Buon appetito!

Rice/soy spaghetti with curry & coconut milk aubergine sauce

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