Chocolate rice

I love rice and I love dark chocolate. When I put them together I go crazy! This fast dessert is delicious and super easy and you can prepare it also in a vegan and lactose free version using an alternative milk instead of the cow milk, like for example the almond milk. Basically a dessert for everybody and that will surprise everybody!

Time of preparation

30 minutes plus standing



What did I use

A little nonstick pan, a wooden spoon


A glass of rice

A glass of milk

A glass of water

Few drops of vanilla extract

1 spoon of sugar

70/80 gr dark Chocolate

How did I do

I let the milk boil in the nonstick pan with the vanilla extract. I added sugar and mixed until melted.

I added the rice, mixed and cooked until the milk was absorbed.

I added the water, mixed and cooked until it was absorbed.

I turned off the fire, added the dark chocolate chopped into pieces and mixed until melted.

I served lukewarm or cold.

Buon appetito!

Chocolate rice

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