Grandma’s risotto alla pilota

My grandma is from a peculiar town in the north of Italy, called Castel D’Ario, where a famous italian pilot was born, Tazio Nuvolari, who gave a name to a typical recipe of the town, the “pilot Risotto”. It is basically rice and sausage, accompained by roasted ribs, but prepared in a very special way.

Time of cooking

30 minutes



What did I use

a large pot, a nonstick pan, a wooden shovel, a wooden spoon, a rag


Rice Carnaroli: 500 gr

Sausage : 500 gr

Rosemary: 2 little branches

Butter: a teaspoon

Vegetables broth in cubes: a piece

Grana Padano, minced: 10 spoons

White dry wine: half a glass

How did I do

I boiled plenty of water with a little salt but with the piece of vegetables broth. It is the secret of my grandma to give more taste to the rice.

I poured the rice in the pot and mixed once. I let it cook at high fire from when the water boiled again for 5 minutes more.

I dried and put the rice again in the pot. I covered with the rag and the lid and I let it stand for 12 minutes. The rice finished its cooking with its steam.

In the meanwhile, I put the sausage without peel in the pan and I roughly broke it into pieces with the wooden shovel. I put washed rosemary as well.

I turned on the fire, medium-high, and I let it cook for few minutes. Sausage doesn’t need any fat to cook, its own fat melts with the cooking helpin’ it to fry.

I added wine and turned off the fire.

I added butter to soften the sauce. I added the sauce to the rice together with the cheese and mixed well with the wooden spoon.

As a tradition we use to serve it with a little ceramic goblets, so that it results with a round shape and well compact.

I spreaded with some more cheese and served.

Buon appetito!

Grandma’s risotto alla pilota

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  • Gennaio 5, 2019 alle 4:00 pm

    Aghi, suggerisco il Vialone nano al posto del carnaroli.
    La nonna di castel D’Ario usa questo…


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