Violet risotto with red turnips, mozzarella and cabbage

I had some already cooked red turnips so I decided to invent this risotto, low fat (I’m trying to eat healthy when I can!) sweet and a little hot at the same time.

Time of cooking

30 minutes




Cooked red turnips: 3/4

Cabbage as required

Rice Vialone Nano or Arborio: 320 gr

Light Mozzarella: 2

Skimmed milk: a glass

Grana Padano or Parmesan, minced: few spoons

Salt/pepper as required

White dry wine: half a glass

Vegetables broth as required

White onion: 1

Olive oil as required

What did I so

a non-stick large pan or a wok, a wooden spoon, a cutting board, a knife

How did I do

I cleaned and minced the onion.

I reheated the oil in the non-stick pan. I browned the onion in the oil.

I added rice and fried it for a pair of minutes. I poured the wine.

I continued the cooking adding a ladle of broth per time, until arriving at half a cooking.

In the meanwhile, I peeled and cut in little cubes the red turnips. I cut the Mozzarella in pieces.

I added the red turnips and the mozzarella to the rice and kept on cooking with the remaining broth.

I turned off the fire and I added milk and cheese, mixing well.

I put the risotto onn serving plates and I finally decorated with some fresh cabbage.

Buon appetito!

Violet risotto with red turnips, mozzarella and cabbage

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