Sardinian gnocchi with savoy cabbage and chickpeas

A complete first course, tasty and full of vegetal proteins. It is easy and fast to prepare if one uses the can chickpeas. Perfect for the winter time.

Time of preparation

about 20 minutes



What did I use

a blender, a wok, a wooden spoon, a cutting board, a knife , a large pot, a colander


Sardinian gnocchi: 280 gr

Can chickpeas, dried: 200 gr

Savoy cabbage, cut in stripes: 200 gr

Garlic: 1 slice

Rosemary to taste

Chili pepper / salt to taste

Olive oil as required

How did I do

I let some salted water boil in the pot and I cooked the pasta while I was preparing the vegetable and the chickpeas.

I made a sautéed with the garlic, peeled and cut, and some olive oil. I added chili pepper, savoy cabbage, rosemary and a little salt.

While the savoy cabbage was cooking, I took half of the chickpeas and I put them in the blender together with some cooking water from the pot. I added the other half of the chickpeas in the wok. I let them stew for few minutes, mixing.

I dried the sardinian gnocchi and I put them in the wok together with the chickpeas cream. I cooked for another minute mixing well.

I served them warm with a little fresh olive oil.

Buon appetito!

Sardinian gnocchi with savoy cabbage and chickpeas

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