Maybe the italian cake most known at all, Tiramisù is fast to prepare, it is easy and yummy, and it can be prepared without too many problems abroad as well because you can find the ingredients quite easily. Here is my mother’s recipe, a classic of the family.


half an hour + standing



What did I use

a glass casserole, a large bowl, a little bowl, a wooden spoon or a spatula, a whisk, a little colander


Mascarpone: 500 gr


Sugar: 125 gr

Homemade ladyfingers (My mother uses Pavesini, italian biscuits of the brand Pavesi, one can order them online, but in my opinion homemade biscuits are a plus to give to have a perfectly homemade tiramisù)

Espresso as required

Cocoa (without sugar) as required

Brandy as required (in the original recipe she uses Marsala, a sweet wine impossible to find here in Iceland, but if you are able to find it, it tastes much better!)

How did I do

I separated the yolks from the egg whites. I beat the yolks with sugar and whipped the egg whites.

I mixed Mascarpone with yolks and sugar slowly, being careful not to form clumps. I added a drop of brandy or Marsala and mixed.

I added with the spatula or the wooden spoon the whipped egg whites, slowly, with a movemente from the bottom to the top not to let them go down.

I spreaded a spoon of cream on the bottom of the casserole.

I immersed fastly the ladyfingers or the Pavesini in the cold espresso and put them on the layer of cream covering all of it.

It is very important to do this passage very fastly so that the biscuits will not absorb too much coffee: we don’t want our Tiramisù to be watery!

I spreaded a layer of cream on the biscuits and sprinkled with cocoa.

I repeated until I finished the ingredients, ending with a layer of cream and cocoa.

I put in the fridge covered with some wrap and I let it stand at least 3/4 hours before serving. It is always better to prepare the day before or the morning for the evening, when possible .

Buon appetito!


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