Torta islandese – Icelandic cake

Versione italiana in fase di lavorazione…

I went to dinner to an icelandic friend of mine. He cooked both a beautiful second dish of fresh icelandic fish, vegetables and potatoes and this dessert made with Skyr. I already prepared a Skyr dessert once (you find it here), quite similar to this, but the slightly different combination of tastes he used was so good that I asked him the recipe to share with you. Amazing!

Time of preparation

about 30 minutes + standing



What do you need

a cake mould, a blender for grinding the biscuits, a spoon for mixing biscuits and butter,a spatula for mixing skyr and cream, two bowls, electric whisk for whipping the cream


a packet of whole wheat biscuits+the same amount of caramelized sugar & cinnamon biscuits

200 gr of melted unsalted butter

500 gr of vanilla skyr

1/4 ltr of cream

4 tbs of cherry sauce + few cherries and 1 tbs f sauce to decorate


Ground down to fine crumbs the biscuits and mix together with the butter.

Put on the bottom of the mould and press it down so it becomes solid.

Take the vanilla skyr and mix it with the whipped cream. Add the sauce (not the cherries) and spread over the biscuits’ bottom.

Put the spoon of sauce and the cherries on top and keep in the refigerator over night.

Buon appetito!

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