Torta Mantovana

This cake is a soft cake with an intense and rustic taste, yellowish thanks to the use of yolks. Differently from the original recipe, I wanted to put minced almonds in the dough to create contrast and few whole on the surface just before the cooking. People from Mantova, maybe for the name of the cake, say that this is a typical cake of our little city but it seemes to be originating from Prato, in Tuscany.

Time of cooking

1 hour


a mould of 24 cm


Almonds: 50 gr + some more

Flour: 250 gr

Baking powder: 8 gr

Soften butter: 250 gr

Sugar: 200 gr

Yolks: 4

Eggs: 2

Icing sugar as required

What did I use

a cake mould of 24 cm, a cutting board, a large bowl, a sheet of oven paper, a wooden spoon, electric whisks, a knife, a small colander

How did I do

I minced roughly the almonds.

I mixed the butter with the sugar.

I added yolks and eggs one by one, then flour, then baking powder, better if sifted.

I put the dough in an the greased mould and put on the surface the remaining whole almonds.

I baked it in the oven at 170°C for 40-45 minutes.

I let it cool and put some icing sugar on the surface before serving.

Buon appetito!

Torta Mantovana

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