Potatoes mini cakes (vegan)

I had some boiled potatoes in my fridge and I tried to use them to make a sort of finger food recipe, something tasty with poor and simple ingredients. These cakes are super yummy and soft!

Time of cooking

15 minutes



What did I use

A fork, a spoon, a non-stick pot, a bowl


Boiled potatoes 500 gr

Flour 130 gr

Egg 1

Minced vegan cheese 1 spoon

Salt as required

Olive oil as required

How did I do

I mashed the potatoes with the fork. I used the new potatoes so I left the peel, if I use the big ones I take it out before to mash them.

I kneaded them with the flour, the egg, the salt and the cheese.

I formed little balls and flattened them a little with my hands. Then, I cooked on both sides in the non-stick pot with a little oil for few minutes per side.

I dried them on the paper towel and served warm.

Buon appetito!




Potatoes mini cakes (vegan)

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