Carrots, potatoes and onion soup with herbs flavour toasted bread


Here in Iceland I don’t have a very large selection of ingredients, I have to be happy with the shop the family I live with does, but I don’t give up and I try always to elaborate the few and simple ingredients I have to make something tasty and different. This soup, I have to say, was really good despite its banal appearence!

Time of cooking

30 minutes




potatoes: 2

carrots: 2

onion: 1

bread: 2 slices (of the type you like the most, i used the white one in slices because I had only that one)

mixed minced herbs: 1 teaspoon

vegetal broth as required

peeled cherry tomatoes in can: 1 spoon

What did I use

a large pot, a cutting board, a knife, a baking tray, a sheet of oven paper

How did I do

I cleaned and cut the vegetables in little cubes.

I put all together in the pot, covered with the broth two fingers up the vegetables.

I cooked covered with the lid for about 30 minutes (I controlled the cooking of the vegetables before to serve the soup). At half cooking I added the cherry tomatoes, mixing well.

In the meanwhile I put some oil on the bread and the minced herbs and put in the oven  at high temperature until brownish on the surface-

I served the soup warm with the hot crostini.

Buon appetito!

Carrots, potatoes and onion soup with herbs flavour toasted bread

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