Aubergine and bread pie

A vegetarian second dish, tasty and nutrituous, as always, that I invented opening the fridge and the credenza and looking at what I had. Creamy and super soft …

Time of preparation

about 30 minutes



What did I use

a baking tray, a grilled, a pan, a whisk, a spoon, a cutting board, a knife


Aubergine: 1

Bread, whole grain: 3 / 4 slices

Brie: about 50 gr

Milk: 1 glass

Flour, whole: 1 teaspoon

Butter or olive oil: 1 spoon

Tomato sauce: about 250 gr

Extra virgin olive oil: 1 spoon

Salt/pepper to taste

Oregano/Parsley as required

How did I do

I washed and cut the extremities of the aubergine. I cut it in thick slices, about half a centimeter thick.

I grilled the slices of aubergine on both sides.

I prepared the cheese bechamel: I mixed well the flour with milk with the whisk and I cooked the bechamel at slow heat until boiling.

I waited for it to become dense and I added cheese and butter or oil as the last ingredients, after turning off the fire, mixing well.

I mixed tomato sauce, oil, salt and pepper, parsley and oregano in the bowl.

I put a layer of bechamel, one of bread, one of tomato sauce, one of aubergine and so on until the ingredients were finished. I used the bechamel as the last ingredient.

I cooked in the oven at medium-high temperature for about 20/25 minutes ,until brownish. I served warm with the salad dressed with a little balsamic vinegar glaze.

Buon appetito!

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