Tortillas chips

Here you have an healthy and fast way to satisfy your desire of chips which sometimes everybody has! 3 ingredients, few minutes of cooking, a lot of satisfaction.

Time of preparation

15 minutes



What did I do

A baking tray, a sheet of baking paper, a silicon brush, a knife


Flour tortillas: 2

Seeds oil as required

Big salt, as required

Spices (I used curry, paprika, chili pepper among others)

How did I do

I reheated the oven at 190°C.

With the brush, I painted well with a little oil uniformly the tortillas on both sides.

I cut in little squares and triangles of small dimensions.

I put uniformly the little squares and triangles on the baking tray covered with baking paper and I sprinkled with salt.

I cooked for 6/8 minutes.

I let them cool, took off the salt in excess and served!

Buon appetito!

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