Potato, aubergines and zucchini salad with spreadable goat’s cheese

This salad is very refreshing and tasty. I used fresh parsley, that together with the goat’s cheese had a beautiful aroma. I cut the aubergines and the zucchini very thin to have a contrast of compactness with the potatoes cut in quite big cubes. I served it with some more goat’s spreadable cheese and some goat’s caciotta, together with some mostarda and jam and some corn and rice cakes.

Time of preparation

about half an hour + standing



What did I use

a large bowl, a medium size bowl, a colander, two pots, spoons, cutting board, a knife


Zucchini, medium-little size: 1

Aubergines: few slices

Potatoes,medium-little size: 2

Fresh parsle, minced

Extra virgin olive oil: 1 spoon

Spreadable goat’s cheese: 1 tablespoon

Milk: 1 tablespoon

Salt/pepper to taste

Lemon peel, ground, to taste

How did I do

I cleand and cut the zucchini, the potatoes and the aubergines.

I boiled all the vegetables: I dried the zucchini and the aubergines first, after about 10 minutes, and the potatoes afterwards, after about 20 minutes.

I let them cool for a dozen of minutes, then I put them in a bowl and dressed them with the cheese sauce prepared by mixing the cheese, the milk, the parsley, salt, pepper, the lemon peel and oil. I finally served the salad with the mostarda, more cheese, the jam and the corn and rice cakes.

Buon appetito!

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