Potato and zucchini salad with yoghurt sauce

Versione italiana in fase di lavorazione…

This salad is very refreshing and tasty. I used fresh basil from my vegetables garden, so it had a beautiful aroma. You can use this dressing for any kind of vegetables salad actually, if you want to add some freshness.

Time of preparation

about half an hour + standing



What do you need

a large bowl, a medium size bowl, a colander, two pots, spoons, cutting board, a knife


Zucchini, medium-little size: 5

Potatoes,medium-little size: 5

Fresh basil: 10 leaves

Sunflower oil: 1 spoon

White plain and light yoghurt: 3 tablespoons

Light spreadable cheese: 1 tablespoon

Salt/pepper to taste

Lemon juice: few drops


Peel zucchini and potatoes . Cut the estremities of the zucchini, then cut everything in cubes.

Boil the potatoes in one pot with boiling water and the zucchini in the other one with boiling water.

Cook until ready: zucchini will take about 10 minutes, potatoes 15/20.

Dry them and put the vegetables in a bowl full of cold water with icing cubes. Dry again, put in another bowl and dress with the yoghurt/cheese sauce prepared by mixing the yoghurt, the cheese, the roughly minced basil,salt, pepper, lemon and oil.

Cover with plastic wrap and let stand in the fridge for about half an hour before serving.

Buon appetito!

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