Pasqualina’s pie with stracchino and dandelion salad

This is a recipe of the chef Marco Olivieri of the school of La cucina italiana, tought to me and to other 3 people during a lesson won to a contest for the “no waste cuisine”. The theme was “no waste cuisine after Easter” and to realize this recipe he made us use some remaining pasqualina pie, an italian typical Easter brisée pie with Ricotta and spinach. Here is the complete recipe.



Time of cooking

30 minutes

What did I use

A blender, a middle-sized bowl,a wooden soon, little aluminium moulds, a baking tray with tall sides, a silicon brush


Pasqualina Pie: half

Stracchino: 165 gr x 2

Dandelion salad: 250 gr

Olive oil as required

Eggs: 2

salt/pepper as required

White vinegar as required

Butter as required

How did I do

I turned on the oven at 170/175 °C.

I put in the blender the remaining pie cut in pieces with eggs and cheese (I put all the three ingredients in the blend but not all together, to have a perfect cream as a result).

I put the dough in the bowl and added salt and pepper.

I buttered the aluminium moulds (during the class we used the spray butter ) and with a sac a poch I filled them making concentric circles with the dough (the best are the paper ones!)

I cooked in the oven for about 15/20 minutes bainne-marie.

In the meanwhile, I cleaned and washed the dandelion salad, I dried it and I broke it roughly.

I served the little pies with the salad dressed with oil, vinegar and salt.

Buon appetito!

Pasqualina’s pie with stracchino and dandelion salad

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