Zucchini flowers risotto

A simple and colorful vegetarian risotto with a delicate flavor, creamy but with crunchy fried zucchini flowers on the top.

Time of preparation

about 30 minutes



What did I use

a little pot, paper towels, a cutting board, a knife, a dish, a non-stick pan, a wooden spoon, a colander


Zucchini flower: about 20

Rice for risotto (Vialone Nano or Carnaroli): about 400 gr

Seeds oil as required, for frying

Salt to taste

Black pepper, freshly ground to taste

Vegetables broth as required for cooking the rice

Grana Padano, ground: few tablespoons

Saffron: 1 little bag

Olive oil: 1 tablespoon

Onion: half (or one big shallot)

Flour: 1 tablespoon (one can use gluten free flour to keep this first dish adapt to people intolerant to gluten)

How did I do

I finely cut the onion (or the shallot) after having peeled and cleaned it. I made a sautèed with onion and olive oil.

I added half of the zucchini flowers, cleaned and cut in thin slices, and I cooked them for a pair of minutes. Then, I added the rice and I toasted it for a pair of minutes, then I started to pour in the wok the broth, little by little.

When the rice was nearly cooked, I poured in the saffron and I mixed well.

I cleaned the rest of the zucchini flower, taking off the pistil and I rolled them in the flour. I took off the flower in excess by putting them in the colander until the rice was finishing the cooking. I turned off the fire under the wok and I put the Grana Padano, then I mixed well. I put the pepper and I mixed and added a little more salt as much as it was needed.

In the little pot, I reheated the seeds oil.

I fried the zucchini flower until crunchy and brownish. I let them dry on the paper towels and I sprinkled with salt.

I served the risotto with the fried zucchini flower on it and a little more cheese.

Buon appetito!

Zucchini flowers risotto

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