Gnocchi (basic recipe of my grandma)

A classic of the italian domestic cuisine that one couldn’t miss in a collection of italian recipes!

Time of cooking

about 30 minutes




00 Flour: 0,2 kg

Potatoes: 1 kg

Salt/pepper as required

Minced cheese: 25 gr

(If necessary, 1 egg)

What did I use

a pot for the potatoes and one for the gnocchi, a masher, a knife, a perfored ladle to pick up the gnocchi when they’re ready

How did I do

I boiled the potatoes with the peel, I peeled them and mashed them.

I added salt and pepper, cheese and flour. If the dough is not enough consistent, I add the egg. As it concernes me, I prefer to avoid it to make them lighter but sometimes the dough results too soft: it depends on the potatoes.

I formed some cylinders with the dough large and tall about 2 centimeters and I cut them in little cubes, then I pressed the gnocchi one by one on a fork. (Not being smooth they capture better the sauce!) I cooked them in boiling water at medium fire.

At this point I add the sauce I prefer (ragù, melted butter, tomato sauce…) and serve!

Buon appetito!

Gnocchi (basic recipe of my grandma)

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